LED Light PLS 81

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PLS 80
The working lamp PLS 80 is equipped with a LED driver for connecting to low voltage power (24V/DC). It is also equipped with power wires protection tube connector. Tle PLS 80 has a modern structure and the low power consumption only requires 14 watt. The color temperature is between 5600K and 6000K.

Another features of PLS 80 Series:
-Reinforced lens for high crack-resistance
-Well prevention for explosion, duts. coolant and lubrificants
-Furnished with 1.8 meters of cord without plug
-Long service life up 40.000 lighting hours
-Aluminium body
-Applicable for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and clean room
-Suitable for temperature range between -30° and +50° C.
-Free of infrared ray and ultraviolet ray radiation
5 mm reinforced glass

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