Oilskimmer Type 62

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Technical features

Connection: 230 VAC · 50 Hz - min. 2,0 Amp.

Capacity: Up to 500 ltr/oil pr. hour*

Max bath temp.: 60°C**

pH working area: 3-10

Outlet: Ø43mm

Dimensions & weight: 550 x 500 x 250mm - 25kg

Belt width: 200mm

Belt lengths: According to customer requests

Bottom roll: SS 304 with wire safety to keep roll in place.

Fuse: 2,0 Ampere

Control box: 230/VAC/24VDC, IP44.

Extra safety: Switch, that disconnects power when cabinet is taken off.


* Capacity test performed i SAE 30 oil at 20ᵒC

**Max. temp. in pH neutral liquids. In higher/lower pH levels temperature should be lowered

Ask your distributor or the factory for more information. 

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